Implementation and Automation

AI is impacting implementation and automation in almost all business domains. Is your business trying to pivot using AI for process implementation and automation in any of these areas?


Augmented Process Automation

Augmented Tasking

Getting responses to social posts/emailers of a particular theme or subject? Use AI to augment messaging and audience around this and increase engagement and conversations. Utilize this approach across your business processes to not just automate but augment intelligence into it.

Priority Management

AI can help establish areas in your business processes and workflows impacting operations. Prioritizing using AI can help address mission critical flows faster and earlier to reduce delays, costs and resource overheads management better and improve efficiency.

Ready to Pilot Your Business with AI?

Transform your business with AI-driven marketing and automation solutions.


Home Grown vs Third-Party AI Tools

Pre-built Solutions

The market is flooded with AI tools for all business processes. Research, test, and evaluate their value and shortfalls. Based on your policies, use these tools to accelerate AI implementation and generate results. Explore Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for a faster, cost-effective strategy.

Custom Solutions

For complex, confidential and mission critical tasks, invest in custom AI development using machine learning libraries or frameworks. These may take time to develop but will build internal AI expertise, custom workflow management systems and improved efficiencies across your business.

Ready to Pilot Your Business with AI?

Transform your business with AI-driven marketing and automation solutions.


Resource Implementation

Technical & Training

Create an AI based learning and training culture across your organization. Encourage and challenge teams to innovate and create custom solutions on projects through training and consulting programs.

Change Awareness

For driving cultural and tech changes across the organization, mindset and attitudinal changes across management and teams is imperative. Develop AI programs for everyone to collaborate and evaluate benefits/issues using AI.


Evaluate your business processes that can be AI enabled? Integrating AI will make your systems fool-proof and efficient. However as a word of caution, not everything needs AI. Think judiciously and plan well.


As we step into a fast disrupting, evolving and transforming business economy globally, looking at short term security and protectionism could become your biggest long term threat. It's time to Probe, Pivot, Pilot...