Challenge or Opportunity?

Why is the market changing? At this time? Why is this change disrupting / strengthening your business? What is the scale of impact over the short, medium and long term?


Economize or Invest?

What do we do to navigate through this? How do we transform the business model? Where to hold, Where to push? What would work best? Slow-n-Steady or No Holds Barred.


Stay Put or Look Ahead?

Optimize the bottom line or scale the topline? How to set and measure realistic goals and expectations? Disrupting yourself…

Google Paradigm Shift

Taking A Sharp Turn!

As AI Tech drives online traditional search into new discovery realms, we are navigating a tricky, yet exciting curve…

  1. The impact of AI on Google search
  2. The evolving role of Google content
  3. The significance of Google local
  4. Google shopping
  5. The emergence of Gemini

Best methods

What we “saw” in 2020…

If 2001 was the turning point for the Internet industry, 2020 was the inflection point for the digital information industry. With lockdowns and work from home scenarios, the need for creating, sharing, securing and leveraging “content” arose to keep businesses going, families entertained and informed, supply chains in order, and ensuring life progressed with limited impact.

While there was confusion, frustration, tension and apprehension reigning all around, smart businesses sensed the direction; where the world was heading… it was time to probe, pivot, pilot…
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Growth & Branding

Balancing The Established and Emerging...

Marketing & Sales

ROI and Profits Beyond The Numbers…

Implementation & Automation

The Relentless Action Plan…

Strategy & Transformation

Progress With An Eye On Tomorrow...


The Digital Boom…

Here’s how these sectors are lined to leverage from digital transformation…

Retail & eCommerce
Technology & IT

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As we step into a fast disrupting, evolving and transforming business economy globally, looking at short term security and protectionism could become your biggest long term threat. It's time to Probe, Pivot, Pilot...